Prof Alex Ford
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Dr Stephen Short (2009 to date) - Differential gene expression in normal and intersex Crustcea (

Dr Maryline Bossus (2013 to date) - Neuroendocrine disruption in Crustacea (

Dr Yasmin Guler (2012 to date) - Effects of radiation on Chernybol amphipods & Effects of antidepressants on amphipods (


Current PhD Students

Gongda Yang (2007 to 2011) - Endocrine disruption in Crustacea: Linking genes to physiology (Director of Studies:Dr Alex Ford)

Robbie Mutton (2006 to 2011) - Novel compounds in intertidal macroalgae (Director of Studies: Dr Kenneth Boyd)

Yasmin Guler (MPhil 2008 to 2009) - Ecotoxicology of pharmaceuticals in amphipods (Director of Studies: Dr Alex Ford)

Amaia Green (2008 to 2013) - Functional anatomy of digestive tract in woodboring and non-woodboring crustaceans ((Director of Studies: Dr Simon Cragg)

Yasmin Guler (2009 to 2012) - Sex determination in Echinogammarus marinus (Director of Studies: Dr Alex Ford)

Robert Mansergh (2009 to 2013) - Crustacean epibionts in pollution monitoring (Director of Studies: Dr Alex Ford)

Tamela Brown (2009 to date) - Intersexuality in Gammarus minus (Director of Studies: Dr Alex Ford)

Rueben Shipway (2009 to date) - The biology and ecology of shipworms (Director of Studies: Dr Simon Cragg)

Jenifer Pini (2010 to date). Biomarkers of pollution in marine polychaetes (Director of Studies: Dr Gordon Watson)

Nick Schofield (2011 to date). Ecology of common cuttlefish populations along the coast of southern England (Director of Studies: Dr Paul Farrell).

Adrain Love (2011 to date). Impacts of water water effluent and pharmaceuticals on the amphipod Gammarus pulex (Director of Studies: Dr Alex Ford)

Aiden Vey (2011 to date). Honest and dishonest signalling between plants and pollinators (Director of Studies: Prof Scott Armbruster)


Prospective Students

Those interested in conducting research in marine ecology and/or ecotoxicology with myself please feel free to contact me via email.


HomePublicationsCollaborationsPhDs/Postdoc'sPhotosFundingEndocrine DisruptionBlogFile Download