Dr Alex Ford
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 Dr Irene Martins , University of Coimbra, Portugal Modelling the effects of intersexuality in crustacea

 10 years simmulation of E.marinus populations with varying proportions of intersexes

 Dr Peter Kille, University of Cardiff, Wales, UK -Investigating gene expression in normal and intersex crustacea

   Microarray chip of Echinogammarus marinus (Sambles et al, in prep)


Dr Brita Sundelin, University of Stockholm, Sweden - Investigating the impacts of hypoxia and contamination in amphipods.



Prof Judith Smith, University of Leeds, England, UK -Investigating novel microsporidian parasites in marine and freshwater amphipods

 Microsporidia spores from E. marinus muscle tissues



Prof Doug Glazier, Juniata College, Pennsylvannia, USA -Investigating the ecology of Gammarus minus and intersex forms


 Dr Alison Dunn (University of Leeds) - Spermatogenesis in amphipods




HomeCV and PublicationsCollaborationsPhDs/Postdoc'sPhotosResearch